Zilog Educational Platform Kit

The Zilog Educational Platform Kit includes all of the necessary tools and software to allow students to not only design with freedom, but to begin learning as soon as they open the box. 

The Zilog Educational Platform Kit contains the following hardware and software:

  • Zilog Educational Platform
  • System ZED Test Shield
  • USB SmartCable for debugging purposes
  • USB (A to Mini-B) cable
  • Wall power adapter
  • 9V battery
  • Flash drive containing command shell source code

There’s also a Kindle book  authored by Dan Eisenreich titled Programming The Zilog ZNEO Microcontroller By Example: Volume 1 - Getting Started. It’s a helpful guide to understanding and programming the ZNEO MCU. Find your copy today on amazon.com.

To download the ZED documentation set or to learn more, see the Zilog Educational Platform Kit product page on Zilog.com.

Zilog Educational Platform Kit
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