Zilog Educational Platform

The Zilog Educational Platform is designed to offer a comprehensive educational advantage to students who are pursuing a degree in the electronics and computer sciences. Its robust educational capabilities allow students to learn about microcontroller architecture, language programming, wireless communication, analog-to-digital conversion, sensing technologies and security encryption methods. Students can also experiment with creating industrial lighting and motor control applications.

The Platform can also be configured as a data acquisition and remote control system; it ships with a command shell that allows control of the Platform without the need for additional programming; also included are a wall power adapter unit and a 9V battery.

Additional learning tools for the Zilog Educational Platform are the ZED Test Shield and an assortment of stackable ZED Application Shields, which are available separately here in the Zilog Store.

There’s also a Kindle book  authored by Dan Eisenreich titled Programming The Zilog ZNEO Microcontroller By Example: Volume 1 - Getting Started. It’s a helpful guide to understanding and programming the ZNEO MCU. Find your copy today on amazon.com

To download the ZED documentation set or to learn more, see the Zilog Educational Platform product page on zilog.com

Zilog Educational Platform
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