Phase Leg IGBT with an Integrated Driver Module

This reference design integrates IXYS Corporation’s MIXA225PF1200TSF Phase Leg IGBT Module and IXIDM1401 High Voltage Isolated Driver Module into a functional high power device operated directly from a microcontroller unit (MCU) through a 3 kV isolation barrier. Powered from a single polarity 15V power supply, this design shows the operation of two 1200V IGBT devices with a maximum collector current of 360 A. Utilizing this design will allow for MCU alerts regarding fault signals about under – or overvoltage conditions on the primary and secondary sides, and overload conditions when IGBTs go into desaturation mode. The MCU can be powered from this module and does not require a separate power source. If a user prefers to drive the MCU via an external power source, this can be accomplished with internal IXIDM1401 logic powered from the same source, minimizing power consumption from the 15V power supply.
Phase Leg IGBT with an Integrated Driver Module
  • Item #: RD100301-0116
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