Mini-Z Z-PAN 28-Pin Module

The Mini-Z Z-PAN 28-Pin Module is a stand-alone 802.15 Personal Area Network module that is produced in a 28-pin Dual Inline Pin package. The Mini-Z Z-PAN 28-Pin Module integrates Zilog’s powerful ZNEO microcontroller with a Roving Networks 2402–2480 MHz RN-41 Personal Area Network Module. It is designed for the engineer, student and enthusiast to quickly develop prototypes, proofs of concept and demonstrations as well as to provide the functionality required for hands-on learning.

The Mini-Z Z-PAN Module is designed to be pin-compatible with other vendors’ basic stamp modules.

To download documentation and software, or to learn more, see the Mini-Z Z-PAN 28-Pin Module product page on

Mini-Z Z-PAN 28-Pin Module
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