Mini-Z Solid State Relay Design Board

The Solid State Relay (SSR) Design Board, a complete and easy-to-use development platform for Zilog’s series of Mini-Z stamp modules, is designed to provide engineers, students and enthusiasts a simple-to-use platform for developing prototypes and projects ranging from HVAC controls to animated control systems. Engineered to capitalize on the advanced functionality of each Mini-Z Module, the Design Board exposes all of the Module’s pins to add external functionality for even more creative projects.

The SSR Design Board is compatible with other vendors’ modules such as the Basic ATOM stamp and the Parallax BasicSTAMP. In essence, you can begin your project with what you already have and add the Mini-Z Module later when you are ready for its extra features. The Design Board is designed to be operated by either a 9V battery or an external power supply and uses a USB-to-serial converter so that you no longer need to find a converter or a serial port.

To download documentation and software, or to learn more, see the Mini-Z Solid State Relay Design Board product page on

Mini-Z Solid State Relay Design Board
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