Microstepper Motor Design Board

Zilog’s Z8F1680 MCU-based Microstepper Motor Reference Design offers a complete and easy-to-use platform that demonstrates the feature set of the Z8F1680 Microcontroller, which is optimized for microstepper motor control.

This Microstepper Motor Design Board drives a unipolar stepper motor using the Z8F1680 MCU’s onboard analog comparators for one-shot feedback current limiting. It also uses the Z8F1680 MCU’s multichannel timer as a microstepper sine/cosine current generator.

Key features of this Microstepper Motor Reference Design are:

  • Stepper motor
  • Sine/cosine microstepping
  • Speed control
  • Directional control of the motor
  • One-step advancing of the motor
  • Current generator for each coil

The Microstepper Motor Reference Design is available as an individual board and as part of the Microstepper Motor Design Kit, which includes a stepper motor and power adapter.

To download documentation and software, or to learn more, see the Microstepper Motor Design Board page on zilog.com.

Microstepper Motor Design Board
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