DMX Reference Design Kit

The DMX Reference Design Kit includes a Z8051-based DMX512-A Receiver reference design built with Zilog’s Z51F0811 MCU and a DMX512-A controller using Zilog’s Z51F320 MCU.

This reference design implements a DMX512-A controller toward providing a basic understanding of the DMX512-A protocol, including its theory of operation, by using a common lighting application example. The receiver functions mainly as a light controller and, alternately, as a sound generator.

The DMX Reference Design Kit ships with the following items:

  • DMX Controller Power Board
  • DMX Receiver Power Board
  • Z8051 USB OCD II Kit
  • USB A-Male to MiniB-Male cable
  • 5-pin XLR cable (Male-Female)
  • 9V wall power adapter


To download documentation and software, or to learn more, see the DMX Reference Design Kit page on

DMX Reference Design Kit
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